Protec Cleaning Oil


Protec Cleaning Oil

P-302 Protec Cleaning Oil is a heavy duty cleaner degreaser for cleaning the spares & equipments from heavy grease, oil, dirt etc.P-302 has good penetrating properties.

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  1. Remove Rust and dirt
  2. Remove heavy oil and grease
  3. Good coverage due to low viscosity-high flowability & high penetration properties
  4. Quick Drying – Dries within 5-6 minutes
  5. Excellent Dewatering & Degreasing Properties
  6. Finger Print Remover
  7. Remove Stickiness

Hazardous ReactionsOxides of Nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxides
Appearance Liquid
ColourTransparent White
Specific Gravity0.84
Vapour Density<5
Flash Point50 degree centigrade
Solubility (Water)Negligible

Note: These are typical figures and variations in these characteristics may occur.

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