Bio-Pak Anti Mold Sticker

P- G18

Bio-Pak Anti Mold Sticker

Bio-Pak Active Packaging are a safe and effective method for preventing mold and are designed for many box packed items particularly footwear. Bio-Pak stickers are delivered in vacuumized barrier foil pouches and are easy to use with one or more stickers placed in the individual box at time of final packing.

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Bio-Pak Active Packaging is activated by moisture. Bio-Pak stickers are not like other stickers which get activated as soon as they are manufactured. When the relative humidity reaches a pre-set level the stickers will create and release an atmosphere within the box to actively eliminate mold spores. As Bio-Pak stickers will not start to work until the humidity has reached a certain level you are assured that your product will be protected when needed.

Mold prevention for Leatherwear, Shoes, Garments, Woodenware, Electronics, Machinery & Hardware, Food, Agricultural Produce, Pharmaceutical, Freight forwarders, Optical devices, Military Instruments, Art & Antique products.

Bio-Pak Active Packaging is derived from natural plants essential oil, FDA, ECHA, EPA listed chemicals so it is natural, non-toxic and environmental friendly.

It already passed a number of tests in SGS, DMF Free, REACH.

  1. Inhibit the growth of mold
  2. Killing mold effectively
  3. Good effect after using.
  4. DMF Free
  5. Eco-friendly product
  6. Inhibit or Kill bacteria

AppearanceBlue/Green sticker
Specific Gravity0.92
Packing2000 stickers in one roll
BackingAdhesive backing at the back so that they can be attached to boxes
PropertiesInhibit the growth of mold 2.Killing mold effectively 3.Good effect after using. 4.DMF Free 5.Eco-friendly product 6.Inhibit or Kill bacteria
StorageKeep containers well sealed and at room temperature

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