Numerous items may be required to be kept in storage for many years. It is essential that proper methods of storage and preservation be applied so that items do not deteriorate, lose some of their properties, and/or become unusable.

Applying a preservative to the metal’s surface creates a barrier between the atmosphere and the metal, preventing corrosion damage. Before a preservative is applied, the metal surface must be cleaned and free from grease. The surface should be de-rusted, if it is already corroded, and completely dry.

What is Preservation?

By definition, preservation is the act of keeping materials intact and free from decay for later use. There are many factors to consider with regard to preservation:
  • Where will the materials be stored?
  • What is the climate inside of the building, or container, and outside of the building?
  • What pests will be attracted by the materials stored?
  • How long will the materials be stored?
  • What other materials will be stored at this location?
  • How often should the materials be inspected?
  • What is the cost of preserving these materials? Is it cheaper to order or create more than it is to preserve?
  • What laws and regulations do local, state, and federal governments impose on the materials stored