These automotive parts need to be preserved in bulk and for longer period of time. Protec VCI Covers are very useful to cover the automotive parts from getting corroded. It prevents the expensive automotive parts from corrosion.

Forgings & Castings:

Protec VCI Anticorrosion film provides an extremely dry method of protection. It protects metals both through direct contact and vapor action. So these covers are utilized to prevent corrosion for these large equipments.

Electrical Instruments:

Electrical instruments are very delicate and danger to handle with, so Protec VCI Covers are also used to prevent the electrical instruments in any sort of conditions without any side effects.

Long Term Preservation of spares & equipments:

Equipments & spares need to be preserved as it can handle for long periods of time so they can’t be kept without any covers of protection. So Protect VCI covers protect the equipment without damaging it for over a period of time.

Military, Aircrafts:

The Defence forces follow a program to protect its military vehicles in air & on ground. Corrosion damages millions of rupees of valuable assets every year. Protec VCI products have found a more useful in military, they usually need to preserve their equipments for long term & by ordinary covers the maintenance cost and time is wasted, even though the equipment is not fully saved from corrosion. Protec product ensures the safety of the equipments.

Arms & Ammunition:

Arms need to be protected from corrosion for reuse of the product. Protec VCI covers possibly help it out without any maintenance problem and time saving.

Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Installations:

The oil and gas equipment are heavy and very expensive, so they need to be protected from rust in these changing climatic conditions. Protect VCI Covers fits gas installations and prevent from rust.

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants:

These chemical plants consists of heavy machinery, made up of metals which are in a worry of getting effected by corrosion, so these expensive metals have to be preserved under Protect VC I protective covers.

Telecommunication Equipment:

In Telecommunication sector the equipments for a very important part of the system and their proper functioning needs protection from corrosion. Our company gives complete solutions for the same.

Wind Mills:

The turbines are very heavy and not easily accessible. The corrosion is very evident as they are installed in forests, seas and high altitudes which are more prone to humidity. We design covers which fit to these wind mills and prevent from corrosion.


Protec VCI products are useful in defence, they usually need to preserve the equipments on the ship for a long term and by ordinary covers the maintenance cost and time is wasted, even though the equipment is not fully saved from corrosion. Our product ensures the safety of the requirements.

Nuclear Waste Bags:

Radioactive waste must be characterized to facilitate onsite storage and offsite transportation, treatment, and disposal nuclear waste.